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Coordinated by Sophomore Class Rep: Mary Ellen Sobol


Hi- Cheer and Football parents,



We are soon approaching the beginning of the fall season and anticipate an exciting and challenging year for our kids. This year we will be playing some new teams, meeting new friends and reuniting with our Gridiron family.  Our kids have worked hard this summer getting stronger and preparing.  Let it be a fun and safe season ahead.

In preparation, we need your help to keep the booster barn up and running during the home football games.  I have provided the details below to help guide you thru the process.


WHO? Freshmen and Sophomore football & cheer parents.  There are 23 families between Cheer (6) and Football (17) in the 2017 pool. This year the roster is smaller than it the past so there are some parent’s names listed twice. This was done fairly by selecting randomly by “pulling from a hat”.  I am in the process of coordinating with the athletic department a student volunteer list as well.  This may at time eliminate the need for some parents to work at two games however I cannot reply on this at this time. I will do my best to notify you when I have the extra help.

PROCESS  Each family in the pool is assigned to one or two of the 5 home games for either the first or second half shift.  The assignment is for one adult from the family listed (more is always welcome!) 

WHY?  WHS Booster Club Funds go towards maintenance of turf fields, payments on Barn and Bleachers.  Boosters supports ALL WHS Athletics and Cheerleaders.




September 8th vs Bethel

First Half– Cassol*, Barcello, Birbara

Second Half – Lawrence*, Beck, McGuire


October 6th  vs Pomperaug- HOMECOMING

First Half  Okine*,Jeffery,Bower

Second Half – Sobol*,Marshalko, Sawyer


October 13th vs Creed/Career

First Half – Goetz*,Phifer,Gregory

Second Half – Barcello*, Balotes, Parker


November 3 vs Brookfield

First Half *Birbara, Sobol,DeNota

Second Half -Brennan*,Sobol, Kins


November 23th vs Joel Barlow- Turkey Bowl

1st Half – Cassol*, Beck, Nelson, Gregory

2nd Half – Sobol*,Watson, Phifer, Nelson


* is in charge of the group volunteering at that time slot.




All volunteers for first half are expected to report to the barn at 30 minutes prior to game time. 


All Volunteers for 2nd half are expected to arrive to the barn when halftime begins so they can relieve the volunteers in the barn.  If possible it would be ideal if both groups could overlap at halftime to cover the heavy flow of customers.  2nd half Volunteers are responsible for cleanup.



SCHEDULE CONFLICT?  If you are not able to maintain your assigned slot you are responsible for swopping with another family and notifying Mary Ellen Sobol 


QUESTONS? Mary Ellen Sobol is in charge of the 2017 booster barn football/cheer staffing - if you have any problems during your shift you can contact her at (203) 226-4237 home or 203-435-3955 cell



Thank you very much for your assistance.


Mary Ellen

Sophomore Parent Representative